March 2024 Updates

March 2024 Updates

I am happy to announce that I have once again outgrown a web host! If you're reading this, the transfer is complete and the next life-stage of Habit Gallery has begun.


A Habit Gallery Recap

I started on Big Cartel back in 2019 with the Peach Shirts (if you are unfamiliar, don't worry, you'll find out soon) back when I only had 5 products to sell. That worked for a long while, and was a very reasonable cost. It didn't allow for the creation of pages outside of the Shop but that wasn't a huge problem for me back then.
However, once I started printing patches in 2022 I needed to expand. I had jumped from 5 products to around 20 products and quickly expanding. On top of that, I chose to open up custom patch commissions and needed a landing page to refer people to. I moved to Wordpress which honestly ended up being a nightmare and I regretted it immediately.
After a year, my subscription ended and I could finally find something else. At the time, Weebly was a great choice and had many options to personalize every detail of the website. Over the next couple years however, Weebly began putting different features behind paywalls and still continuing to raise their prices. I made it work for a while, and even began teaching classes in late 2023, which at first seemed perfect for Weebly (which already had a way to set up events). It did not however offer a calendar, or any kind of useful reoccurring events function.
Now, I have outgrown Weebly and have finally moved to Shopify, which wouldn't have been at all possible without the support of anyone and everyone who has interacted with Habit Gallery. 


And now the updates...


    ** Note: the Budget Screen Printing Class will from here on out be known as the Handmade Screen Printing Workshop.



    One of my favorite new additions to the website thanks to the webhost is a Calendar page! Now it should be easier than ever to schedule classes and see what markets and events I'll be attending and/or participating in. I hope it's all fairly straightforward, but please let me know if you have any questions.

    Here are the currently available March PDX Screen Printing Classes:

    March Screen Printing Workshops hosted by HabitGallery at ADX. Masks required. Tuesday 3/5 - Handmade screen printing workshop 12 - 3pm. thursday 3/7 - handmade screen printing workshop 12 - 3pm. tuesday 3/12 - emulsion screen printing workshop 12-3pm. thursday 3/14 - emulsion screen printing workshop 12 - 3pm. tuesday 3/19 - handmade screen printing workshop 4 - 7pm. thursday 3/21 - handmade screen printing workshop 4 - 7pm. tuesday 3/26 - emulsion screen printing workshop 4 - 7pm. sunday 3/31 - handmade screen printing workshop &artist social. more info at custom class times are available - contact

    Handmade Screen Printing Workshop

    Tuesday 3/5 @ 12-3pm - 4 students maximum
    Thursday 3/7 @12-3pm - 4 students maximum
    Tuesday 3/19 @4-7pm - 4 students maximum
    Thursday 3/14 @4-7pm - 4 students maximum

    Emulsion Screen Printing Workshop

    Tuesday 3/12 @12-3pm - 4 students maximum
    Thursday 3/16 @12-3pm - 4 students maximum
    Tuesday 3/26 @4-7pm - 4 students maximum

    Handmade Screen Printing Workshop & Artist Social

    Sunday 3/31 @4-7pm - 12 students maximum

    Emulsion Screen Printing Workshop (Private Lesson)

    Email to schedule!


    I also have a couple April dates listed at the moment on the aforementioned calendar page and will be listing more in a couple weeks.

    Separately, over the past few months of classes I have come to realize that two hours is often not quite enough (several classes have gone overtime and I don't want students to feel rushed). I've extended class times accordingly to give people the room they need to comfortably finish printing. I'm also updating pricing to fairly value the extra time required of me. On top of that, the price of nearly all of the supplies have gone up (paint went from $8 to $12 per 8oz, fabric went from $1/yd to $5/yd, and the new website host is twice as expensive as the last). However, I don't want that to be a barrier for anyone who may be unable to afford the new price, so I've introduced a sliding scale system that goes as follows:

    Tier 1 Tier 2  Tier 3
    supported by peers pay your way support someone else


    For the 4-person Handmade Workshop, the prices are now:

    Tier 1 Tier 2  Tier 3
    supported by peers pay your way support someone else
    $35 $45 $55


    For the 4-person Emulsion Workshop, the prices are now:

    Tier 1 Tier 2  Tier 3
    supported by peers pay your way support someone else
    $100 $125 $150


    Additionally, I've noticed different students have different goals. Some students want a more hands-on and personalized learning experience, while others want to make art while socializing in a much lower-pressure environment.

    So, along with the 4 person Handmade Screen Printing Workshops, I'm introducing a monthly Handmade Screen Printing Workshop & Artist Social with up to 12 students at a time. This workshop would be perfect for those who have already taken the Handmade class before and have new ideas, or for folks that just want to make something simple and chat with other local artists.

    For the Handmade Workshop & Artist social, the prices are:

    Tier 1 Tier 2  Tier 3
    supported by peers pay your way support someone else
    $25 $35 $45

    That way there is still a $25 option available to those who missed out while the I'm-Learning-How-To-Teach sale ran. The first event of this type will be held on Sunday, March 31st. RSVP here.

    I am still only able to host 4 people at a time for the full emulsion process, as the screens need to be burned and washed individually. However, I am able to do smaller classes for those who have more complicated designs or just want more direct teacher focus.

    This class is called Emulsion Screen Printing Workshop (Private Lesson) and pricing is as follows:

    Tier 1 Tier 2  Tier 3
    supported by peers pay your way support someone else
    $200 $225 $250

    This pricing includes the cost of two screens, additional screens are $10 each. You could use multiple screens for multiple designs, or do a multi-color design (one screen is needed per color). I do not currently have space in the studio for an alignment machine, so that needs to be done by hand (hence why most classes are 1-color-only).


    I have also made Gift Cards for each of these classes available if you know an artist who needs a little treat :) or if you would just like to schedule at a later time!




    New brand options have been added to the Made-to-Order items!

    Unfortunately some brands don't carry all sizes but I made sure that the listed sizes show all current brand options. I will be continually updating these as I discover new brands. Hopefully soon I will find a manufacturer that can make soft, comfortable, and durable clothes in any size and then there will be consistency throughout the products, but for now I am trying to be as clear as possible about my options.

    Also, I am currently ordering them individually, so there are prices added depending on the brand (another thing that won't be a factor once I find a manufacturer). The added prices are also based on the average cost of the garment (unfortunately, clothing manufacturers charge more for larger sizes and because I don't think it's fair to charge two customers different prices for the same shirt, I charge the same average price for my clothes).

    Current brands are:

     Brand Sizes Price Addition
    Gildan S - 4X (some colors 5X) none
    Port & Company S - 6X none
    Hanes S - 3X (some colors 4X-6X) + $5.00
    Next Level Apparel S - 4X (some colors 5X, 6X) + $10.00
    Bella Canvas S - 4X (some colors 5X) + $10.00
    Comfort Colors S - 4X + $15.00

    That being said, if anyone knows of clothing makers / manufacturers that make soft, comfortable, durable clothing in any size and would be willing to give me their info feel free to let me know. I've heard this is taboo to ask for so I'm not asking, I'm just putting it into the universe and ~manifesting~




      The new web host allows me to show off collaborations with proper credit! I currently working on a textile/fashion collaboration with friend Rage Against the Knitting Machine that I'm thrilled to share once it's complete. I am currently most interested in fashion-based collaboration so if any other local textile artists want to work on something together, feel free to reach out!



      New Patches

      There was two-three weeks spent waiting on support to help me with a few website bugs but in the downtime, I made seven new patch designs!

      $1 Tier:

      • Scorpio Patch - I'll make the rest of the zodiac soon I just had to do mine first lmao sorry

      $5 Tier: 

      $10 Tier:

      • Neopets Patch - I made this for the previously mentioned friend for their birthday but they said I should make it available to the masses so here it is



      Now for some non-business updates...

      A grey cat and a black cat, both looking at the camera and sitting up against each other.

      The last cold weather storm was enough to successfully get both of the strays (who I have named Nyx and Styx) indoors. We are beginning the transition to house-cat slowly as the two of them are clearly traumatized (although Nyx seems to be adjusting fairly quickly). Grimm, the often-featured muse of Habit Gallery, is a huge nimby but I believe they will all be friends very soon. I plan on writing a bit more about the two of them and what I know about their past in a future blog post. For now, here's a picture of them in their new space.


      That concludes the March 2024 Updates!

      If you made it this far, thank you so much for your support.

      I would not be here without you.


      All the best,

      Billy Ghoul
      & the babies

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