Meet the Artist

Billy Ghoul

Billy Ghoul is a nonbinary artist with C-PTSD currently living in Portland, Oregon. They are currently housing a dog and a cat, and have recently taken in two stray cats that they were feeding for over a year and a half.

They have so far spent the majority of their adult life in and out of housing, as well as in and out of sex-work of different forms. They hope to spend more of the future healing through art and finding safety in community.

Billy's favorite mediums are textiles, printmaking, painting, and miniatures. They occasionally dabble in music and shitty stick-n-poke tattoos and hope to soon get into sculpting, and maybe learn animation and 3D modeling at some point.

Billy debuted their art for the first time at Rad Pride 2022. This event sparked what would almost instantly become a new direction in their life, as they found screenprinting to be a most satisfying art medium. They quickly set up an online patch shop.

In August of 2023, Billy began teaching screen printing classes at ADX (Art Design Exchange) and finally moved the printing process out of their apartment and into a screen printing studio. The speed at which printing can be done has rapidly increased with the addition of a flash drier, heat press, and emulsion setup. Billy hopes that soon they can find new ways to support artists like them who haven't always had access to the art world.

One weekend in August, Billy drove up to Seattle to attempt to hand-deliver a copy of a biblically accurate artwork they did inspired by Ethel Cain's music, directly to Hayden Anhedönia (the artist behind Ethel Cain). Not only did the print get delivered, but she also signed a copy for Billy to keep. Billy has been chasing that high ever since.

If you're interested in reading more about the event, there will be a blog post linked here soon.

  • JJ

    The Old Man

    6/25/08 - 6/16/23

  • Bug

    The Blue Dog

  • Grimm

    The Muse

  • Nyx & Styx

    The Strays


I would not be anywhere close to where I am right now without the love and support of friends, many of which are also artists, a few of which prefer to remain anonymous.

Some friends have helped by printing with me, some have helped with body doubling, others have taught me techniques and showed me being an artist is possible.

The following are links to support some of the people who have been there for me.

Rage Against the Knitting Machine





Mira, Johnny, Casey, Zire, Pepper, Spoon, JJ, and Jet