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Stamped Filler Patch Bundle

Stamped Filler Patch Bundle

Handmade by Billy Ghoul

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THESE PATCHES ARE SMALL! The biggest ones are not bigger than 2 squared inches.

The cut of fabric varies slightly from piece to piece but usually has and inch of extra fabric in either direction and is easily trimmed.



This design is stamped onto thick canvas fabric by hand by the artist Billy Ghoul & sometimes friends. If you live in Portland, Oregon and would like to learn more about the process, Billy teaches classes at ADX (Art Design-Exchange). Here are the currently available workshops.


Machine Washable

The ink is cured with a flash drier and heat press. Sometimes an item slips past quality check (often when urgently prepping for events) and doesn’t get fully heat sealed. Most often it's only partially uncured, but I still want to offer confidence to all those purchasing from me. If your design comes off in the wash, feel free to contact with pictures to get a replacement. Or send me a DM on instagram.

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